4 Home Design Trends of 2022

Josh Feinkind
4 min readSep 6, 2022

Are you looking for fun ways to make your house feel more like a home this year? Our needs are often changing so your home may feel like it needs an update. With many people being home during the last two years, renovations were top of mind. If you’re ready to revamp your living space but aren’t quite sure what to incorporate, check out the top four home design trends of 2022.

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Multipurpose Space

Even before many people started working remotely, there’s something to be said about having a multipurpose room. There are certainly rooms that should be exclusively for one thing, such as a bedroom, but creating other multipurpose areas in home can do wonders.

An open floor plan makes it easy to accommodate a number of purposes should the need arise. One way to create a multipurpose space is to add little details like barn or pocket doors that can close off sections of the space if needed.

Choose furniture that is easy to move around and if possible furniture that serves multiple purposes. First, decide what purposes this room will serve and then start rearranging and redecorating from there.

A Cat Room

Anyone with cats knows that they rule the house the majority of the time! So, what better way to utilize your extra space than by creating a room just for your cat? These are quickly gaining traction in 2022 as more people are pampering their pets.

A cat room should be catered to your pet’s likes and dislikes, giving them their own ultimate space for fun and relaxation. Cats typically enjoy sleeping, eating, scratching, and climbing. So, create a room that gives them full freedom to enjoy themselves. It should contain a few necessities, such as the litter box, cat furniture, food, water, and of course toys! Be sure to include a few scratching posts, and cat trees or towers so your cat can have some vertical space too. The specific toys, cat trees, and more should center around your cat’s preferences so they’ll explore the room again and again. If this room will also be used by humans, you can save space by adding multipurpose modern cat furniture that will serve a purpose for both you and your cat. For example, tables that feature cat beds and cabinets that hide litter boxes.

Ensure that you still keep some cat furniture, bedding, toys and more throughout the rest of your house. Cats won’t want to spend all day in one specific room, requiring some items in the remaining rooms of the house. However, cat rooms can help provide a safe space they can run to in case company comes over.

Entertainment Room

Entertainment rooms can be tailored to whatever things you enjoy doing. If you enjoy video games, a large screen TV with built-in bookcases can hold all of your gaming consoles. If you’re more old school, those same built-in bookcases could hold board games galore, as well as tabletop games. Cater it to what you enjoy most, and how to best utilize the area.

Depending on your space, you can even install a wet bar into the game room. Many people installed these in their pandemic-renovations when most public areas shut down. The bar area can even be the focal point of the room! Adding a good sound system can completely transform the room as well.

A Tech-Free Room

People are spending more and more time on screens, whether it’s on the television, phone, or computer. So, at the end of the day, you may simply want a quiet room to relax in. This is why people are choosing tech-free rooms in 2022. People are trying to seek a break from technology, and what easier way than with a room dedicated to the absence of it.

Tech-free rooms will rely on your preferences. If you’re an avid reader, utilize wall space with shelves for books. If you want to meditate more often, make sure you pick proper flooring and lighting options. The furniture will definitely play a large part in your tech-free room too. Look for fluffy, comfy couches and chairs that allow you to fully sink and relax. You can even select large pillows for the floor if you intend to meditate or do yoga frequently. Accent the room with warm, subtle colors to help promote relaxation and a feeling of peace. If you’re really looking to renovate, look into adding skylights to give more bright, natural light to the room.

If you have a creative mind, utilize this tech-free space for that as well! If you love painting, use this room as a mini-studio to continue creating masterpieces. You can even create a dark room if old school photography is your thing. The space could also be a plant room, craft room, quilting or crocheting room, woodworking room, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Feel at Home

No matter how you choose to utilize your new space, it’ll feel perfect as it’s a devoted area for your passions. These 4 home design trends of 2022 can be the starting point to turning your house into a home.



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