How to Catify Your Home When Space is Limited

Josh Feinkind
4 min readJan 8, 2021

Living in an apartment or other small space? It can be tough to keep your feline friend engaged with just toys when there is little room to roam. Cats, while fairly low maintenance compared to dogs, still need to be entertained. A bored cat is not a healthy cat — it can lead to an obsession with food, behavioral problems, health concerns, and yes, even depression. But don’t worry! There are ways to catify your home and make the best use of your space for your feline companions.

Take Your Cat Furniture Up a Notch

Lotus Cat Tower and Shelf

Cats naturally love places that are high off the ground — they are quite happy surveying their kingdom from above — so this is the perfect opportunity to create high spaces for your feline fur baby. You can’t go wrong with a tall cat tree, such as the Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined Feline, which offers multiple places to perch as well as a cushioned den. It is like a work of art for your home and while it is almost 6 ft tall, the base is only 20” long on each side so it saves a lot of floor space! Multiple cats can enjoy this modern cat tree and The Refined Feline offers many other types of cat furniture in the same finishes so you can truly catify your entire home without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Another attractive option is installing wall shelves for your cat. These can be placed strategically on a wall so that your cats can hop up from their tower when they want some space or a cozy catnap. You can also create a staircase with multiple shelves for the ultimate in ‘perchability’. Check out the sturdy wooden Lotus Branch and Lotus Leaf Cat Shelves from The Refined Feline. They are offered in multiple finishes and come with carpeting that is washable and even offered for replacement if it get soiled or wears.

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Even Indoor Cats Love the Thrill of the Hunt

A- Frame Cat Bed
A-Frame Cat Bed

Indoor cats might often seem, but they still need to have their animal instincts satisfied! They can be finicky so buying them just any ol’ cat toy may bore them, never to get played with again. You can get creative and hide their favorite treats inside of toys or in different spots for them to find. And yes, that also means high places! It’s also a good idea to add some interactive cat toys into the mix. You can find many different kinds of interactive cat toys from laser pointers to moving toys with feathers that will keep your cats entertained when you leave the home.

In addition, you can help them keep their claws healthy (and from snagging your furniture) by encouraging them to get their scratch on! Scratching brings out the healthy beast in them as it lets cats mark their territory. If you need to curb the unfortunate scratching of the furniture, add a scratching post in every room. The Refined Feline makes several kinds of scratching posts for your cats which your guests would never guess is for your cat!

Calypso Cat Scratcher
Calypso Everlasting Cat Scratcher

Catnip is Always a Feline Favorite

For those times when you are too busy to play with them, or they get bored with their favorite interactive toy, having some catnip available to put in a ball or other fluffy toy is a great way to entertain most cats. Add it onto your cat furniture or cat scratcher to encourage scratching.

Bring Some of the Outdoors Inside

It doesn’t take much space to give your cats a feel of the outdoors inside of your home. Make sure to place your cat furniture by a window so that they can bask in the sunshine. It’s a great idea to add some plants around your home, just be sure that they are cat-friendly! Cats love to hang out in green environments so some nice fresh cat grass should do the trick! It’s very affordable, easy to grow, and can be found in most pet stores or online.

With these simple ideas, it’s simple to turn your small space into cat heaven! You’ll be sure to get some extra purrs from your fur babies if you do.



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