How to Share Your Bed with Your Cat and Still Sleep Well

Josh Feinkind
4 min readFeb 26, 2021

About 80% of cat owners share their bed with their furry feline but it has definitely cost every one of us some sleep at one point or another. Even more cat parents would share their bed if they could still sleep well with their fur baby by their side. If your cat has ever had the zoomies around the bedroom at 3am or walked right across your face, these tips should help you share your bed with your cat & still sleep well.

Keep Your Cat Active

One of the best ways to get your cats ready for some zzz’s at night is to keep them active throughout the day! Have multiple play sessions with their favorite toys and leave toys out for them to play with by themselves as well (Just make sure to put away the noisy ones before bedtime). Your cats should also have access 24/7 to some cat furniture to run up, climb on, and scratch on. Even if you’re not home during the day, your cats will happily entertain themselves with some toys and furniture. Make sure to get out any last bursts of energy by having a final play session right before bed. Doing this regularly will get your cat into a routine and will hopefully teach them when bedtime is.

Feed Your Cat Before Bed

Feeding your cats a hearty meal right before bed will make them want to curl up and take a catnap after. So, try pushing back dinner time just a little bit or split their dinner into 2 parts and see if that helps them settle down for a snooze along with you. You don’t have to switch up the rest of your feeding routine if you also feed them in the morning and/or free feed throughout the day, just make sure they are not hungry when it comes to bedtime!

Does your cat not join you to sleep as often as you’d like?

Lotus Leaf Cat Wall Shelves from The Refined Feline

Place Cat Wall Shelves Near Your Bed

Do your cats want to be near you when you go to sleep but not too close? Try hanging up some cat wall shelves by the bed to get them a little closer! Cat shelves are a great way to give your cat some space of their own while also giving them the height that they love. The Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf from The Refined Feline is a modern cat shelf that comes in multiple wood finishes made to match your home. The white color even comes with a furry faux fur carpeting to keep your kitty snoozing in both style and comfort.

Find Out What Your Cat Likes to Sleep On

Does your cat not want to share the bed? Cats can get comfortable in the silliest places but many cats tend to have a favorite spot or material that they like to sleep on/in. If you want to encourage your cat to join you in the bed, try adding a cozy blanket, or a comfy sweatshirt. You can even try enticing your cat to join you with a couple of treats (although your cat may get used to this treatment and expect it every night!)

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Don’t Give in To Naughty Behavior

Cats are nocturnal by nature so we have to manage both our own schedule and there’s a little bit as well to make sleeping peacefully together work for both parties. If your cat likes to meow at you for attention throughout the night or swat you in the face randomly, try your best not to react. Do not reward your cat for these behaviors with attention or food. You can also sternly say no and remove your cat from the bed if this behavior continues. While cats can take a little longer to train than dogs (just out of spite of course) this behavior should eventually subside if your response is consistent.

Sleep Facts

Cats can experience both rem sleep and & non-rem sleep just like humans. You’ll often see cats twitch or move when they are dreaming in REM sleep. Cats never let their guard down though, they are still in fight or flight mode even while sleeping!

Have you ever noticed a pattern between the weather and your cat’s sleep? Many cats’ sleeping habits are affected by the weather, just like some humans. Cats tend to sleep even more than usual during rain or bad weather. Some cats even snore, but it’s only worrisome if they have other respiratory issues! Hopefully, with these tips, you can share your bed with your cat and still sleep well!



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